Virtual Retreat

Plant Medicine. Meditation. Integration. 

Welcome to Balancing Cannabis Virtual Plant Medicine Retreat

This interactive, intimate experience will teach you how to use cannabis in a spiritual practice. It will connect you to a community of like-minded humans that desire to raise consciousness and add more love to the world! 

Sat. and Sun. 

July 25 & 26, 2020

11am-3pm PST

Private ZOOM link provided after registration. 


Click here to register. 

Retreat yo’self!

This two-day retreat will introduce and dive into using cannabis and other entheogens in a spiritual practice. A small, intimate group of 20 will keep the experience personal and will allow for each of us to explore our consciousness in a safe and judgement-free space. 

After the retreat you will:

  1. Have confidence in using plant medicine in meditation and spiritual practices. 
  2. Understand how cannabis can help and hinder spiritual growth. 
  3. Discern how to use cannabis as you integrate after a psychedelic experience. 
  4. Become a student of yourself and learn ways that plant medicines can serve you as you evolve your consciousness.
  5. Connect to a community of other like-minded spiritual seekers like yourself.
  6. Acquire tools that will serve you on your journey. 

Smoke weed. Sit Still. Talk to God. 

Or talk to yourself. YourSelf. Your Spiritual Self. Your Higher Self. 

Can’t make it for the whole event? No worries. You’ll have access to the replay to watch whenever. 

Day 1:

11:00-11:30 Welcome and Intro

11:30-12:30 Cannabis & Spirituality Discussion

12:30-12:35 (Break)

12:35 – 1:45 Cannabis Meditation

1:45 – 2:45 Share

2:45 – 3:00 Q&A and Close

Day 2:

11:00-11:30 Welcome and Intro

11:30- 12:00 Gentle Movement with Jessi Rae

12:00-1:00 Cannabis Meditation 

1:00-1:05 (Break)

1:05-2:00 Spiritual Plants Discussion

2:15-3:00 Share & Close 

What you’ll need:

  1. A quiet space, large enough for movement and lying flat, where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Reliable internet access.
  3. Headphones, and eye mask. 
  4. Cannabis   
  5. Comfy clothes, a journal and an open mind.

Virtual retreat will take place over ZOOM. This will be a digital sacred space. We will all be holding space for each other. Upon registration, you agree to treat the experience as such and will keep any private information shared amongst the group confidential.

The body is the container where we experience Spirit. Please arrive at the event with a clean container. Avoid alcohol and toxic foods in the days before the event. Please come with a sober mind. We will consume together as part of the shared experience. 

Bonuses Include:

  1. Cannabis & Spirituality Video Course sent after the event.  

Click here to register. 

See you next weekend!