My name is Collette but sometimes I go by the Defiant Dreamer. I have been a cannabis consumer since I was 17, over half of my life, but only in the past 2 years have I started using cannabis with intention. 

The intention I started with was to understand myself and my relationship to cannabis. But what I received was so much more than that. 

In my bedroom, I would get high and lay still and started to feel my body. The energy was so strong it was a bit overwhelming, but what happened next was magical.

As I quieted my mind, I was able to connect to Source in a brand new way. This practice, overtime, left me in absolute awe and wonderment of the power of the Universe. 

I’m not religious, 

I’m not a yogi, 

I’m not a meditation teacher. 

I’m just a girl who has found a way to create unique experiences using plant medicines for anyone interested, willing and open. 

I now host private events as well as monthly guided experiences where we consume cannabis and connect with Spirit together. This 2-hour event involves connecting you, first to yourself, and then to the energy of God inside your body in a safe and comfortable setting. 

It’s beautiful, relaxing, nourishing and profound. 

I convinced a few studios around southern California to let me hold these events – that I am calling Get Lit & Be Loved- and something magical happened.

People showed up.

God showed up.

People starting hearing from God, seeing miracles, healing their hearts and their bodies, changing their lives… and I sat in awe believing it more and more that this was a thing.

I am still in awe about what these experiences are doing, both in my life and the lives of those who experience it. Check out the events page for all the different weird ways I am showing up in the world.

Let’s make some magic together.